Best Luxury Hand Luggage

By Danielle Hull
06 March 2020
Save time and look no further, YOU are about to have your travelling lifestyle change forever!
Discover your new found happiness with Carry On Compared.

Regular flyer? First time flyer? From thrill seekers traveling the world, or to a businessman/woman needed on a short business trip, who ever you are, you need a bag that is going to promise to deliver exceptional luxury, and we promise to change your life for the better by offering you a range of bags that you truly need in your life, with a promise of zero fuss !

Ditch the check in luggage and travel with your carry on only! Let's face it, airlines have been known to loose cases from time to time, and the last thing you need is your trip ruined by chasing your case!

The best hand luggage bags here at Carry On Compared, are guaranteed to have you spoilt for choice with many coveted bags filled with luxury and practicality from inside and out.

We did say we promise no fuss and this is truly no fuss at all.

Best Luxury Hand Luggage  

We all spend hours online planning every bit of our holiday which can be really time consuming, so Carry On Compared has narrowed down the choice for your bag search, while still keeping all the luxury in place.

There is something for everyone here and you can trust that we picked top quality bags, for you, and your trip. If you travel regularly, then the bags we can provide you are a vital investment in your life, or, if you simply just want that one ''go to bag'' that always accompanies you, here is the right place. 

We lest bag searching to be a stress for you, so here, you shall enjoy and experience a new relaxed way to shop. We have read through many reviews and have sought these bags to be our Top 3 Best Luxury Bags based on Price, Real Reviews, Durability, Style, Convenience and Practicality. 

Many bags featured here, are made thoughtfully and prove rather resourceful. These ethical carry on bags will last many of your trips to come and will meet all your requirements, after all, if you're going to spend money, you want to choose the best bag for you.

Our top 3 Carry On bags provided in this guide, will promise comfort and perk up your trip.

High-end bags are desired for style and comfort and nowadays there are so many styles to choose from, its hard to know what bag is right for you.

Style Of Bags

  • Weekend bags
  • Shoulder bags 
  • Laptop bags 
  • Backpacks
  • Handbags

Materials Of Bags

  • Leather Bags 
  • Fabric Bags
  • Hard Cases
  • Soft Cases

Each of the following bags we filtered for you, are designed and constructed to be used again and again. So, you will be guaranteed to find your favourite long lasting travelling companion, which you can show off to your personal taste, whether its hung over your shoulder or flowing beside you, either way, we promise you no fuss, just pure bliss with life changing bags available.

Top 3 Carry On Bags Recommended By Us:

Under Seat Fabric Bag

The first bag we have for you is, an under seat bag, certain to fit under all plane seats making this an absolute steal, as this can potentially be your second bag on airports that offer two bags on board. This bag is a fabric material making it easy to store away when not needed.

This bag is perfect to accompany anyone on their trip away. It has many pockets which prove invaluable when you are at a busy airport. You have the option to simply carry as a bag or glide along using its featured 2 wheels and telescopic handle. Great little investment and a must have for all! Evade the queues with this bag, and vivaciously board your plane smiling with it costing less than £100! At £96.27 this is certainly a luxurious treat for many to enjoy.

 Original Penguin Carry On Bag

Zip Free Hard Case 

Next, we have a bag that is simply a necessity for everyone who travels. This great little innovative case has been made for pure luxury. This zip free case carried out by a wise thinker is genius! Zips can be temperamental to say the least so having none to work with is a blissful thought when having to deal with airports. These zip free bags are the new thing in 2020 and they are just iconic, so why not posses one! Some even say this particular case is self healing! Which means, this bag somehow, pushes out its own dents! (if it had a hard enough connection to maintain one in the first place) 

Confirm for yourself on amazon review, amazing isn't it! With a locking system to keep everything safe and all that space combined with a large mesh pocket, is waiting to be whisked away, this, is a must buy at £112.65

Samsonite Zip Free Case

Laptop Friendly Backpack

Lastly, we have a multi use bag which is the only bag you will need for your journey, made from Nylon this bag is extremely lightweight. This diverse bag can be worn as a backpack hands free for ease and pure practicality, or used with its wheeled and telescopic handle feature. Multi-use bags are great to have with you, especially when travelling in busy places. There is a smart addition to this bag too, get ready for the removable front laptop bag! The bag its self is a stunning item for you to own, it has removable back straps which can be connected to the removable laptop bag which is perfect for anyone.

A real thoughtful addition which doesn't fail to deliver for its usefulness. This bag is the ideal investment, its generous size inside is universal to anyone at a worthy price of £159.00

GATE8 Laptop Friendly Case

Top Tips Before Flying

  • Always remember to check if you have your passports/tickets before setting off.
  • Don't overpack! You often find you never really need all the items you thought you did, so pack light if its a few days.
  • Find clever ways to fold clothes so that more room is created.
  • Always remember to have important documents in an easy, accessible place for when needed.
  • Charge your devices before you depart.
  • Check all what your hotel offers beforehand, especially all inclusive! (lots of people have missed out on extra perks because they haven't checked, for example you don't have to buy food out of the hotel if you don't want to, as most all inclusive hotels provide a packed lunch free for all included. Saving you money!)
As stated above, airlines have been known to loose baggage from time to time and having only your hand luggage to think about eliminates this problem and allows you to be a free traveler. So here are the things that will fit in almost everyones hand luggage only, what more do you need ? 

Powerful Packing  

  • Laptop/Tablet
  • Chargers
  • Book
  • Clothes - Light clothes - underwear - swimwear. (one or two items of each will certainly fit)
  • 2 pairs of shoes - one on your feet another in your hand Luggage (try and pack different items so choice is enabled - trainers/boots - flip-flops/sandals - flats/slippers)
  • Valuables/documents ( these should always be with you, in your handbag or carry on bag)
  •  Always take a bottle of water (I do not recommend drinking the airplanes "tap" water they are not cleaned often and can make you poorly)
  • Small pack of wipes (handy to have for airplane trays and armrests) 
  • Snacks (airlines try and provide a nut-free environment, so please abide by this for others safety)

Time is of the essence, so jump start your journey and travel anywhere your heart desires.  

Enjoy Your Holiday,

Carry On Compared.